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Part Number Description Price
BLPCSET Bruce Lee Postcard Set(5) $5.99
DM-1/F Darkman Logo T-shirt $15.00
DM-2/F Darkman Movie T-shirt $15.00
DMPO01 Darkman Poster $6.00
FBPSET Forbidden Planet Litho Set(2) $5.00
HORPCSET Vintage Horror/Movie Poster
Postcard Set(12)
IBSTSET Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Still Set-5 Black & White
IMPLAQUE001 Invisable Man Replica Poster
Plaque-Metal-Approx. 17"x12"
LRPCSET Logan's Run Lithos
Black & White Set(6) (H)
MATCOPROMO The Matrix Promo Comic $5.00
MIBOX009 Laura Croft Tomb Raider
Novelization-Color Pic.Section
MIBU17 Armageddon Button/Pins
Set of 12- Great Pics!!
Willis, Tyler, Affleck,
Buscemi & more
MIBU19 I, Robot Button/Pins
Set of 2- 1 is electronic
Will Smith
MIBU22 Looney Tunes BIA Button/Pins
Set of 4- Brendan Frazier
Bugs, Daffy Duck, Tazmanian
Devil & Yosemite Sam
MICOINV Invaders From Mars 3 Comic Set
Classic 50's Movie Adaptation
MIMO00201 Godzilla LTD Edition Statue
MIMO116 Harryhausen Set Of Cold Cast
Figurines Series 2(E)SET 7
MIMO123 Harryhausen Set Of Cold Cast
Figurines Series 2(E) SET 6
MIMO20186 Godzilla Classic Series I (E)
MIMO20254 Anguirus LTD Edition Statue(E) $120.00
MIRC01-MF Greatest SF Hits CD
28 TV & Movie Themes
SAVAUT01 Tom Savini Autographed 8x10 $15.00
SAVAUT02 Tom Savini Autographed BW 8x10 $10.00
SEACSET Serenity Alliance Currency Set
Display Box, 12 Bills & Map
Fan Club Exclusive
SALE! Regular $19.95 SALE!
SEBO01 Serenity
Official Visual Companion

25 Items Displayed

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