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Part Number Description Price
MC9088C Airk Thoughbaer Figure $15.00
MC9088XA Nockmaar Lieutenant Figure
Tonka 1988-Re-sealed on Card
MC9088XB Rebel Trooper Figure
Tonka-1988-Re-sealed on Card
MC9088XC Nockmaar Warrior Figure
Tonka-1988-Re-sealed on Card
MC9088XD Queen Bavmorda-Tonka-1988
Un-opened on Card
MC9088XE High Aldwin Figure-Tonka-1988
Re-Sealed on Card
MC9088XF General Kael Figure-Tonka-1988
Re-sealed on Card
MC9088XH Nockmaar Warrior & Horse
Tonka-1988-Un-opened on Card
WILCOLORBK/A Willow Coloring Book Set $5.00
WILROLEGAME/F Willow Game $20.00
WILSTORYBK/F Willow the Storybook $8.00
WITYWILLOW Willow PVC Figure(Tonka 1988) $6.00
WOPO001 Willow Poster $10.00

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