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Part Number Description Price
MITC11741/C Titan A.E. Trading Card Set $20.00
MITC1978 Jaws 2 Movie Photo Trading
Card Box (36 Count) (C)
MITCALPC Disney's Aladin Promo Card
MITCBA1985 Baby Trading Card Set(66)
topps 1985 (C)
MITCBA1985S Baby Sticker Set(11)
topps 1985 (C)
MITCBBP Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Panini Stickers & Album
MITCBTME Bill & Ted's Most Excellent
Adventure Trading Card Set(100
MITCCB2 Comic Ball 2 Trading Card
MITCCHST Conehead Trading Card Set(66) $12.00
MITCCP3ST Child's Play 3 Trading Card
MITCDHW DragonHeart Widevision Trading
Card Set(72)
MITCFF Fright Flicks Trading Card
Set(90 + 11) topps 1984 (C)
MITCFI1991 An American Tail Trading Card
Set(66)Fievel Goes West (C)
MITCHH21996BX Hammer Horror Series Two
Trading Card Box (1996) (C)
MITCHNC Disney's The Hunchback Of
Notre Dame Chase Set(2 3D
Motion Card, 6 Transfers)
MITCHNS Disney's The Hunchback Of
Notre Dame Trading Card Set(60
+ Activities Cards (41)
MITCSMST Spawn The Movie Trading Card
Set (81)
MITCTCCOA The Crow City Of Angels
Trading Card Set(90)
MTTCMA1996BX Mars Attacks! Sealed Box 1996 $59.00
TCDS003/A Lion King Series II Trading
Card Set(80) Skybox 1994 (C)
TCMV016/F Harry and the Hendersons
Trading Card Set(77) topps (C)
TCMV016ST/F Harry and the Hendersons Stick
Set(22) topps
TCMV017/F Hellraiser Trading Card
Set (110) Eclipse
TCMV018/F Hook Trading Card Set(99+11)
Topps 1991 (C)
TCMV026/F Last Action Hero Trading Card
Set(88+11) topps 1993

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