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Part Number Description Price
MITCAR1992 Archie Trading Card Set(120)
Skybox 1992
MITCBJ Beetle Juice Trading Card
Set (100) 1990 Dart (C)
MITCBJSS Beetle Juice Sticker Set(20)
1990 Dart (C)
MITCBLBX Bloodlines Trading Card Sealed
Box (36 Count) (C)
MITCC3 Conan III Trading Card Set(90 $25.00
MITCCCBX DC Cosmic Trading Card Sealed
Box (36 Count) (C)
MITCCGW Comics' Greatest World
Trading Card Set(100)
MITCDBB Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Trading Card Set(75+19)
MITCDCBL DC Bloodlines Trading Card
Set (81) 1993 Skybox
MITCDCC DC Comics Trading Card Set(160 $15.00
MITCDCCTBX DC Cosmic Teams Trading Card
Sealed Box (36 Count) (C)
MITCDW2 Deathwatch 2000 Trading Card
MITCFCBC Famous Comic Book Creators
Trading Card set(110) (C)
MITCFNBX The Flintstones NFL Trading
Card Sealed Box (36 Count) (C)
MITCJLADC Justice League America
Trading Card set(150) (C)
MITCMAIVST Marvel Universe IV Trading
Card Set(180) Skybox 1993
MITCMM91 Marvel Masterpieces 91 Trading
Card Set(162) Impel
MITCMMBX Marvel Masterpieces 93 Trading
Card Sealed Box (36 Count)(C)
MITCMOEB Moebilis Collector Cards
Trading Card Set(90)
MITCPA93 Plasm Trading Card Set(150)
MITCPALSMBX Plasm Trading Card Sealed
Box (36 Count) (C)
MITCPEAN Peanuts Factory Sealed Set(33) $19.95
MITCTSASET The Silver Age Trading Card
Set(100) (C)
MITCWNA Warrior Nun Areala Trading
Card Set(90) Antarctic Press
TCCB011/F Incredible Hulk Trading Card
Set (90) Comic Images 1991.

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