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Part Number Description Price
SGBO00175/F Supergirl Novel $5.00
SMATVG19950822 Lois & Clark/Dean Cain Cover
July 22, 1995-Also B5 & DS9
SMBO03a Smallville Novel #3
SMBO04a Smallville Novel #4
Animal Rage
SMBO05a Smallville Novel #5
SMBO06a Smallville Novel #6
Buried Secrets
SMBO07a Smallville Novel #7
SMBO08a Smallville Novel #7
SMBO10a Smallville Novel #10
SMBU001 Superman Button 1982(C) $2.00
SMBUSET1 Superman & Friends Button
Set(4) 1982
SMPO001 Superman III Theater 1-Sheet
Theater Display Poster-1983
Original-Comes Folded
SMPO3649/F Superman III Poster/Superman
Flying Arms by Side
SMPO3655/F Superman III Poster/Superman
Flying Arms in Front
SMPO3656/F Superman III Poster/Superman
with Gus Gorman
SMSKMV/F Superman The Movie Stickers $6.00
SMTC3/F Superman III Trading Cards $10.00
SMTCBIND/A Doomsday The Death of Superman
Trading Card Binder
SMTCL/C/A Lois & Clark Trading Card Set
SMTCROS/A Return Of Superman Trading
Card Set(100)
SMTCS3/A Superman III TC Stickers
SUPACL01 Superman Classic Logo Patch
SUPAPD01 Superman Patch
City Of Metropolis Police Dept
SUPMA004 Pizzazz Magazine-Jan. 1979
Superman Cover Issue
SUPMA005 Space Wars Hearoes Mag.-1979
Superman Cover-Plus Galactica
Also-Hulk, ST, Classic SF Film

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