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Part Number Description Price
PRCA-100 Prisoner 1998 British Calendar $15.00
PRCA-135/F Prisoner 2000 British Calendar $15.00
PRCA-252/F Prisoner 2001 British Calendar $15.00
PRCASS01 Prisoner TV Series Music
Cassette #1
PRCASS02 Prisoner TV Series Music
Cassette #2
PRCASS03 Prisoner TV Series Music
Cassette #3
PRCO001 The Prisoner Comic Book Set-4
Story Sequel to the TV Show
4 Book Set-1988-Near Mint
PRMIMAP/F The Prisoner- Map of Village $10.00
PRMISET1 The Prisoner Litho Set(2) (C) $6.00
PRMIX001 Prisoner Synopses-All Episodes
Plus Case & Credits
PRMN695575 The Prisoner by Alain Carraze
& Helene Oswald (C)
Missing Title Pg. Out of Print
PRMN8413-6/E Inside The Prisoner PB $21.95
PRMNSET Inside Prisoner & Village Map
PRPC2551/H Prisoner Series I Postcard Set $7.99
PRPC2562 Prisoner Series 3 Postcard
Set(5) (H)
PRPC2567/70 Prisoner Series 4 Postcard
Set(6) (H)
PRTCSDC1 Prisoner Costume Card(San
Diego Comic Con Exclusive)
SABO001 Secret Agent '60's Novel
Departure Deferred-Used Copy
From the Spy TV Series
w/Same Character As Prisoner
SABO002 Secret Agent '60's Novel
Hell For Tomorrow-Used Copy
From the Spy TV Series
w/Same Character As Prisoner

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