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Part Number Description Price
DTAC607194 Dick Tracy Audio Action
Adventures Episode 2 (C)
DTBO28528 Dick Tracy Movie Novel(C) $10.00
DTBO4623 The Dick Tracy Casebook
Favorite Adventures 1931-90(C)
DTBO620X The Celebrated Cases Of Dick
Tracy 1931-1951 Hardback (C)
DTBU001 Dick Tracy Button Set(3)(C) $5.00
DTCA1991 Dick Tracy Calendar 1991(C)
16 Month Calendar
DTMI001 Dick Tracy Breathless Mahoney
LTD Ed Collectors Figures(C)
DTMI002 Dick Tracy LTD Ed Collectors
DTMIPVC1 Dick Tracy with Gun 4" PVC (C) $6.00
DTMIPVC2 Dick Tracy Wrist Radio 4"
DTMIPVC3 Dick Tracy Breathless 4"
DTMIPVCSET Dick Tracy 4" PVC Set(3)(C) $15.00
DTMN5703 The Authorized Guide To Dick
Tracy Collectibles 1990
DTMO6107 Dick Tracy Car Model Kit(C) $15.00
DTPI0004 Dick Tracy Flattop Pin (C) $6.00
DTPI001 Dick Tracy Logo Pin (C) $6.00
DTPI002 Dick Tracy Breathless Pin (C) $6.00
DTPI003 Dick Tracy Police Car Pin (C) $6.00
DTPI005 Dick Tracy Detective Badge(C)
by applause
DTPO1682 Dick Tracy Logo Poster (C)
21"x 32"
DTPO1683 Dick Tracy With Tommy Gun
DTPO1685 Dick Tracy Breathless Mahoney
Collage Poster (C)
DTPO1686 Dick Tracy Villains Poster(C) $6.00
DTPO1687 Dick Tracy Breathless Mahoney
Poster (C)
DTPO1728 Dick Tracy Wrist Radio

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