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MARCH 2008

New Eye Studio and Intergalactic have merged into one company. New Eye Studio had been a major mail order and internet seller of Star Trek, Star Wars and Disney collectibles for over 30 years. We have recently merged the day to day operations of theirs into ours. The Neweyestudio.com website is still there but Intergalactic will be processing all of their orders until we have fully merged the two companies. Immediate changes to our website will be the addition of several product lines and the expansion of our selection on others. Current changes include an expansion of our Star Trek cloisonne pin and Star Trek jewelry selections. Prices have been adjusted to reflect the combined inventories of the two companies and many new items have been added to our selection. Future additions will be to the model kit sectons and Star Trek Playmates toy sections.


Thanks, Mike

The basic idea behind this program is for experienced eBay sellers like Intergalactic, to sell items on consignment for less experienced individuals. Most individuals do not have the time, resources or experience to sell their collections effectively on eBay. We have the time, resources and experience to do it for you.

Here's how it works. Intergalactic will take your items and photograph, list for sale on eBay, notify winning bidders, collect payment, ship the item, handle all paperwork and send you your payment. We do all the work from our 25,000 square foot warehouse where we typically ship up to 100 packages every day. Professional listings, professional customer service, and extensive experience make Intergalactic your best choice for selling your collection. We will use our extensive experience to list your items in the correct assortments & locations with the most effective minimum bids to generate the highest sales. For more specifics about this program go to:

"Trading Assistant"

We are looking for mid-sized to large collections of TV, Movie & Entertainment Collectibles. Books, Magazines, Toys, Trading Cards, Posters, and Limited Edition items are just some of the kinds of items we are looking for. We have several more collections coming that will be added to our listings. To see our current listings of items in this program go to:

"Trading Assistant Listings"

While we currently purchase an average of one collection every week. We decline to make offers on an equal number of collections due to our lack of need for the specific items. By using this Trading Assistant Program we can offer for sale collections on which we would ordinarily pass. Also the chance to get significantly more money for your collection should entice those who do not accept our cash offers. The advantages for us are that we can offer a wider range of items for sale without any initial outlay of cash. The advantages for you are the possibilities of getting 50-100% more for your collection than you would get with a cash sale offer. If you are interested in participating in this program please send us a e-mail with a list of items that you'd like to sell and we'll get back to you with our suggestions.

Intergalactic Trading Company
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(phone- weekdays 9-5 EST)
(407)332-0142 (24Hr Fax)
cyrano@intergalactictrading.com (E-mail)
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